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Program Offered:
Programs for International Students—Chinese Language and Culture ProgramMay 9, 2016


·Comprehensive Chinese Language Study

·Interesting Contextual Teaching Method

·Chinese Culture Experience

·Special Tutorial

·Tour Study and Cultural Trips

Compulsory Courses:

Chinese Language Culture, Oral Chinese, Chinese Language Grammar and Writing, Chinese Language Phonetics and Reading, Chinese Language Writing

2 Free Optional Courses:

Choose from the Technical Training Courses listed above.











Scholarship Information

If you would like study in CDTC, but you are unable to complete your study only due to finical problem, you could apply for scholarship. We undertake the task of Sichuan Government Scholarship for international students cultivation. Please enter the Sichuan Education Department official website for detailed information: www.scedu.net

CDTC also provide College President Full Scholarship for 10 International Students every year:

15,000 RMB/year/person, cover all the fees, except the meals and personal expenses in the college; 

Basic requirements:

1. Applicants are required to have graduated from senior high school or the equivalents.

2. Pass HSK Band 4 or above.

Application Procedure

(1)   When to apply

Applicants who apply for Chengdu Textile College should submit the application 3 months before the beginning of new semester (our semester begins in March and September each year). Special circumstances may apply for admission at any time.

(2)   How to apply

Step 1: Login English website of CDTC en.cdtc.edu.cn and find the “Application Form for International Students” on the right side;

 Step 2: Fill in blanks of the Application Form and other materials required (digital version is ok) and send to cdfzwsb@163.com;

Step 3: Receive the JW202 form and admission letter from CDTC;

 Step 4: Apply for a visa (X1 or X2) in the Chinese Embassy in the applicant’s country.

(3) Costs (in RMB)

Tuition Fee: 4000 RMB per year for Chinese Language & Culture Studies (Fee of culture trips is excluded)

Application Fee: 150 RMB per person

Accommodation Fee:

All the international students are required to live in the campus. We have apartment shared by 2 or 4 persons with necessary furniture, electric appliance such as air-conditioner and water heater, bathroom attached, and 24-hours access to internet is available in the dorm. Monthly quotas apply to water and electricity usage, and only the excess part will be charged.

Fee for 2-owned: 2400 RMB per year per person

Fee for 4-owned: 1200 RMB per year per person


1. Bedding and living supplies need extra pay.

2. The excess expense of water, electricity and internet is excluded.

 Insurance Fee:

According to the requirement of Chinese government, foreign students must enroll in the group comprehensive medical insurance. Premium is 800RMB for one year, 400 RMB for six months. If a student (short-term) can provide an insurance certificate that has been purchased, she/he may not participate in the group insurance.

Contact Info.

Address: International Affairs Office, Chengdu Textile College

No. 186, Taishan South Street, Xipu, Chengdu, Sichuan, P. R. China

Zip code: 611731

Tel: +86 028 87846339

Mail: cdtcwsb@163.com

Web: www.cdtc.edu.cn


E-mail: cdtcwsb@163.com
Address: No.186. Taishan south street.Xipu. Chengdu. Sichuan. China