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Chengdu Textile College the 4th “Belt and Road” International Art Festival and “International Art Alliance” (BRAEA)January 11, 2019


Initiated by Sichuan Provincial   Educational Department and carried out by Chengdu Textile College, the 4th   “Belt and Road” International Art Festival and “The Belt and Road Art   Education Alliance” (BRAEA) was successfully held and established on 29th   November. In this festival, CDTC initiated 20 international colleges and   universities joining our art alliance. We attract 72 Education organizations,   enterprises and research institutes and museums all together.


There were 16 countries, 80 colleges   and universities and more than 30 enterprises, with over 200 guests   participating in the opening ceremony, which was hosted by President Mr.   Xiaping. Our party secretary leader Mr.Cai Yubo delivered a welcome speech.   The teachers and guests from Indonesia, Nepal made speeches about their   constant cooperation with CDTC in recent years.


Mr.Cai Yubo said, we should positively   follow the “The belt and Road” initiation, promoting international   communication, expanding Sichuan intangible cultural heritage and its   influence at home and abroad.CDTC has its leading place in   textile,fashion,dyeing and art program. We are also famous for our techniques   traditional workshop, along with 25 international special courses. We have a   great reputation in promoting joint education program. In addition, we have   overseas students from 5 countries with more than 100 overseas students. We   would like to make great contribution to the world by more interaction and   communication with the belt and road countries.


In the end of the opening ceremony, we   have got representatives from Uzbekistan, The US, The UK, Poland, New Zealand,   Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, France, Ethiopia, Canada,   Bangladesh, etc.


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