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Our lecturer Ms. Zhu Lirong led a delegation to visit Barcelona, Spain.July 16, 2019

May 26th to 30th, Prof. Zhu Lirong, the director of the school's Shu Embroidery Center, Yuan Wei, the master of making Shu Embroidery and the teacher from the International Office, Li Yinan, went to Barcelona, Spain. They made a visit to the Barcelona Art Education Alliance (ESDAP). The clothing, fashion, textile, and art majors conducted inspections and exchange visits, conducted a “non-legacy” technical training at the Embroidery School of Barcelona. What’ more, they held talks with Ms. Olga Adhroher Boter, head of the Art Department of the Catalonia Education Bureau, Ms. Carme Ortiz Valeri of the Barcelona Art School Alliance and Xing Bo, President of the Chinese Culture School of Barcelona, who was accompanied the delegation.




On the morning of May 27th, Zhu Lirong visited the Lianzi Art School in Barcelona, the art-integrated classroom (workshop) of clothing art design, textile fabric art design, industrial design, product design, etc., and communicated with the frontline teachers of the school. Invite the teachers and students of the school to participate in the “One Belt and One Road” International Culture and Art Week.


On the morning of May 28th, the delegation visited the Puntaires de Barcelona Embroidery School to learn about the development, techniques and crafts of Barcelona embroidery, especially the traditional European embroidery techniques and expressions. Subsequently, Zhu Lirong and Yuan Wei carried out the "non-legacy" skills training for more than 20 elder ladies of the school, showed the skills of the embroidery and the use of the embroidery materials. They were introduced some of the embroidery works, and aroused the strong interest of the other party. They also visited the college of textile art at the Massana Art School. They were deeply impressed by the close integration of school and enterprise, teaching practice projects and corporate orders. In the afternoon, they continued to visit the local design museum and enjoyed the typical costumes and corsets of various periods with European clothing characteristics.




On May 29th, the delegation visited the Illa Art School in Savard and inspected the professional design of fashion design and fashion design. They were deeply impressed by the characteristics of small class teaching and the use of floor leather.




During this visit, the delegation of the school sent an invitation to the Art School of Barcelona and the Art Association of Barcelona to join the International Art Education Alliance or participate in the “ The Belt and  Road” International Exchange Week of our school. Ms. Olga Adhroher Boter also sent an invitation to our school to participate in the Art Week of the Art Society of Barcelona in May 2020. During the visit, President Xing Bo also introduced the trend of the European Union to gradually phase out plastic products. She hoped to cooperate with our school to establish a design studio, and the school and enterprise cooperated to design and develop bamboo fiber and bamboo products in the near future.


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