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Exhibition of works held in class 171 of Chinese and British ArtJuly 16, 2019

On the morning of June 28th, the class 171 of Chinese and British Art at the Art institute, and the fifth unit of the "Research and Achievement of Art Design" work report exhibition officially open the curtain on the first floor of the library. President Xiaping, Vice President Huangxiaoping, Vice President Huangcheng, Two British teachers from South Essex, from England, Mel and Jade, as well as some teachers and students of the art school leadership and art design majors, visited the exhibition.


The theme of the exhibition is "The residence of the artist." This project is a virtual project with Chengdu as a geographical background and artists and designers living in Chengdu as imaginary objects. It aims to create a space for six young artists and designers to live, work, communicate, exhibit and sell their works.


The work of this exhibition is divided into three parts. The first part is the students 'exhibition board part, the second part is the model, and the third part is the "sketchbook" section, in which "sketchbook"(Sketchbook) records the students' entire five-unit creative process. According to British teachers Mel and Jed, Sketchbook is an essay collection of works. The research, notes, inspiration, description, and creation process that students do are recorded in the Sketchbook. It helps students integrate the thinking logic of the design process, compared to the results of the exquisite portfolio. The teacher appreciates the detailed creation process in the students 'works.



During the visit, the school leader listened to the introduction of the interior design teacher of the Art Academy in detail and exchanged and communicated with two teachers from the British side. The two teachers from the British side made a pertinent evaluation of this work, affirmed the great progress made by the students, and also pointed out the shortcomings of some works.

Through this course exhibition, on the one hand, the students 'self-confidence was established, and on the other hand, they were encouraged to make great efforts in their future studies and achieve better results.


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