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LibraryMay 8, 2014

Library Introduction

Chengdu Textile College (CDTC) was founded in 1939, which was previously named the Central Acrobat and Art College. There was no library at the very beginning of the college foundation.

Now, the library covers an area of 2, 5000 square meters with a seating capacity of 2000. The number of work staff is 32 in Service Office, Information Office and Technique Office.


The library is built according to our specialties to meet the requirement of thoughtfulness, profession, academy, wide-range and systematic management.

By September 2014, there have been 630 thousand copies of printed literatures, nearly 700 kinds of issues, about 60 kinds of newspapers, 200 thousand copies of electronic books and 8 kinds of database in the library.


Digitalization and networking is the trend of library development in the 21st century. The application of “Huiwen library automatic and integrated management system”help to achieve the automatic management of editorial, circulation, reading, consultation and administrative affairs and the database of bibliography of the collection books is able to be established on that system. Therefore, it is very convenient to retrieval and make use of the library documents through the computer. We also focus on the purchase and utilization of the digital documents. Until 2014, we have already purchased the right to use series of CNIKI, Wanfang Chinese full-text journal database, Vipu Chinese science and technology journal database, Superstar video resources and electronic books, Zhonghua digital Library- Newspapers full-text database and Longyuan electronic journal resources and so on. We establish typical database of Ba and Shu dress culture as well as our outstanding graduation thesis. A large amount of CD about computer, foreign languages, music, history, military and national defense knowledge, Chinese and foreign classic movies are also collected. Over 100 computers are for readers to check and read on line. In addition, the library also provides the services of paper detection, document delivery and consultation for all the teachers and students. Especially for the students, the library opens selective course of Information technique, lecture and explanation for the freshman.


As the window unit of college education, academic research and services, the work staff firmly sticks to the serving principle and practice it.

With the strong support of college leaders and joint efforts of all the workmates in the library, the managing ideas are updated; the construction is bettered; service attitude is strengthened; service content is enriched; service quality is improved and the reading environment is beatified. We are struggling to create the firs-class modern library and make contribution to the rapid development of the college.



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