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College IntroductionApril 15, 2014

    Chengdu Textile College (CDTC) was founded in 1939, which was previously named the Central Acrobat and Art College. CDTC is a three-year full-time college directly under the leadership of Sichuan Provincial Education Department. Until now, it has been the sole college on textile operation and education in western China. In 2010, Chengdu Textile College was assigned nationally to be one of the first demonstration construction units of the national higher vocational colleges, and finally was approved with excellence in the evaluation in October 2013.

    ChengduTextile College locates in Chengdu, which enjoys great historical and cultural reputation in Sichuan. Now, the college covers an area of 616 mu (about 101.5 acre) with convenient transportation and beautiful campus views.

    Based on the inheritance of educating student to be equipped with engineer’s mind and technician’s skill, CDTC upholds the concept of “Serving the Textile Industry, Society, Students and the People” and develops its college spirit to “Pursue Dedication, Democracy, Harmony, Self-improvement and Excellence”. At the same time, CDTC set morals for teachers and students as to “be Model, Diligent, Serious and Love” as well as “to Study, Question, Think and Act” respectively. Now there are 9 schools and 3 departments, as following, School of Textile, School of Material School of Material and Environmental Protection, School of Apparel, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Architectural Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Foreign Language and School of Art, basic course teaching department, political theory course teaching department and physical teaching department.

    The number of teaching faculty and staff is 869, among who 42 professors, 1 American expert, 137 associate professors, 224 lectures, 2 experts who can subsidies form the State Council, 2 National Excellent Teachers, 4 experts who are awarded the special honor for their outstanding contribution by Sichuan People’s Government, 4 Provincial Excellent Teachers, 2 Provincial Model for Teacher’s Ethics and 3 back-up options to play a leading role in the area of academy and technique.

   Upholding the cardinal principle of educating people, foremost, of educating moralities, CDTC are able to nurture their students with higher comprehensive abilities and stronger practical capacities to adapt to the society after graduation. Students participate in different kinds of competitions and win more than 350 awards, among which over 60 are national awards, more than 90 are provincial. Students top first in 2 items in the National Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Competition, 7 items in the Provincial Mathematical Modeling Competition, 2 special awards and 3 first prizes in the National Undergraduate English Competition.

    ChengduTextile Collegemakes great effort to progress international cooperation. CDTC sets up Overseas Study Training Center and has established long-term friendly relations with colleges or training institutions from the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries and regions. We have implemented international exchange and cooperation of training, visiting, as well as credits mutual reorganization. In recent years, more than 300 teachers and students have been to study and visit in foreign countries; at the same time, over 200 foreign experts and students come to visit and lecture. CDTC also admit the fist overseas students from southeast countries in 2013.

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